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BIZ CAP Investment Opportunities Come In A Variety Of Forms ~ From The Simplest, Least Risky Traditional CAP Investment, To Achieving The Absolute Highest ROI In The Industry [We Refer To These As BIZ “Jumbo CAP Investments”].  Here’s just a small sampling of what we have to offer:

  • Traditional CAP Rate Investments Currently Range From 5%  – 10% In Today’s Commercial Real Estate Market!  For Those Investors Seeking An “Easy Path” Investment, We Have Literally THOUSANDS Of Traditional CAP Rate Deals To Show You ~ And While They Represent Very Strong And Solid Real Estate Investment Opportunities, We Don’t Normally Recommend These Types Of Investments To Clients Seeking To “BUILD” True Real Estate Wealth.
    However, For Those Investors Seeking A Solid, Simple And Straight-Forward Investment, Traditional CAP Rate Investments Might Just Be The Right “Ticket” For You!
  • For Real Estate Investors Seeking Substantially Higher Returns ~ We Recommend BIZ “Jumbo CAP Investments“!  These Types Of Investments Are Unique, Because They Are CREATED [Instead Of Assuming An Already-Established Income Stream].  And, While They Are Certainly Not Easy To Create, They Normally Generate Returns From 50% – 100% And More!
  • Here’s Just A Small Sample Of The Thousands Of Jumbo CAP BIZ Opportunities Currently Available To BIZ Clients Represented Exclusively By Our Firm:
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  • Gold Mine Developer Dream Property Available!
    Gold Mine Developer Dream Property Available!
    Gold Mine Developer Dream!
  • North CA Hottest High Volume ARCO!
    North CA Hottest High Volume ARCO!
    100 Turn-Key ARCO AM PM N-Cal!

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