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Questions? Call Us Anytime: 1-800-727-2100

There are many ways to contact us, from Telephone to Social Media.  We also provide a convenient method to schedule an appointment for us to call you directly!

Call us Toll-Free from anywhere within the U.S. by dialing:  1-800-727-2100.  If you prefer for us to call you directly ~ please schedule a convenient date / time that works best for you from this website:


Option 1:  Real Estate Group
Option 2:  Auxiliary Services Group
Option 3:  Customer Service
Option 9:  Company Directory

International Callers can reach us by dialing our local, direct number:  1-805-421-4466.

Our Toll-Free Fax line is:  1-800-662-5931.

Our firm operates exclusively in a “Remote Office” environment, where employees generally work from their home or other preferred location.  After many years of owning large Commercial Offices where our employees met their Clients at Starbucks, McDonald’s, and other popular meeting locations ~ we finally realized it was time to change our ways!  Today, all 25+ employees at BIZ work “Remotely”.  Our mailing address is:

BIZ Builder.Com
5394 Seneca Place
Simi Valley, CA  93063  USA

George L. Massalas, Jr.
President & CEO / Broker

george* (800) 727-2100, Ext. 202

Grant Hallstrom
Hallstrom, Klein & Ward, LLP

grant* (949)450-8500

Ron Cruise
Personal Assistant

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Option 1 

Jessica Stanbury
Client Support Services

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Ext. 203

Mimi Mak
Administration Manager

chris* (800) 727-2100, Ext. 201

Shannon Leonard
Personal Assistant

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Option 1 

Eric Smith
Personal Assistant

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Option 1 

Shannon Wright
Escrow Manager ~ Casa Bella Escrow

Shannon* 951-479-0341

David Pierson
BIZ Investment Opportunities

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Option 1

Other Broker / Sales Associates
Authorized Referral Agents

onlinesales* (800) 727-2100, Option 1 

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