What Is BIZ BuyerPLUS?

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Are you tired of searching for the perfect business to buy, only to be left with nothing but wasted time and disappointments?  BIZ BuyerPLUS Services are now available to dramatically shorten the time it takes to identify and close on Outstanding Business Opportunities!

From the moment you sign up, we’ll offer you the largest selection of Business Listings available throughout the United States, ranging from over 8,400 Active Business Listings in the State of California, to well over 120,000 Active Business Listings NATIONWIDE!

Best of all ~ we do all the “Legwork” so you can relax and make the best business decision for you and your family from the comfort of your home!

The “Bottom Line” Is This:  When you need a Broker that’s 100% Focused On YOU [And Only YOU], BIZ BuyerPLUS Services “Deliver The Goods” to help identify the Perfect Business for YOU, The First Time!



How Will This Service Benefit Me?  If you’re tired of scouring through the internet to find a suitable business to purchase, BIZ BuyerPLUS was designed for you!  We do all of the ‘Legwork’, so you don’t have to!  Please Contact us for details.


What Type Of Services Do You Offer?  1) We’ll help you to “Discover The Truth”, 2) Assuming the Business is “Broken”, we’ll help you figure out if it can be “Fixed”, and 3) We’ll make sure you don’t Over-Pay for the Business!  Please Contact us for details.


How Will I Know What Progress Has Been Done On My Behalf?  You’ll receive regular [often hourly and daily] updates from our Lead Broker, so you’re regularly kept “in the loop” every step of the way.  Please Contact us for details.


How Long Must I Commit?  There are no Long-Term Contracts to sign!  All of our BIZ BuyerPLUS Services are billed monthly, and can be cancelled at any time without penalty.  Please Contact us for details.


How Many Clients Have You Serviced? We currently represent over 200,000 Small, Medium and Large-Sized Business throughout the World.  We deliver Success-Oriented Results for our Clients!


Other Miscellaneous Questions – If you don’t see your specific question answered in this section, we encourage you to Please Contact Us Anytime.  We’re here to help you achieve all of your Goals and Objectives!

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