Active BIZ Escrows

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Active BIZ Escrows represent the Very Best Business Opportunities in California, which is “why” we’ve entered Escrow to purchase them!  BIZ Registered Buyers have an opportunity to ‘Assume’ these Active Escrows via a formal “Assignment”.  Here’s how the process works:

  • Our Asset Team regularly reviews thousands of Business Opportunities currently offered for sale throughout the State of California ~ in search of the “Best of the Best” deals.  Once identified, we aggressively negotiate Discounted Pricing, Terms and Closing Schedules.
  • BIZ then enters Escrow [as Buyer], and prepares to close the Transaction.
  • YOU have an opportunity to assume the Role of “Buyer”, thus reaping the rewards and benefits of our previously-negotiated terms and conditions.
  • It’s also important to note that Active BIZ Escrows are normally Pre-Approved by our Lenders for expedited Escrow Closings, making them outstanding opportunities for Buyers who prefer to avoid unnecessary Transactional delays.
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  • WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx Automotive Tire Center Franchises!

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