Recommended BIZ Opportunities

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Recommended BIZ Opportunities [also referred to as “Confidential Private Sales”] represent the very best Business Opportunities throughout the State of California.  Here’s why:

Business Owners are often unsuccessful in selling their business for many reasons.  Sometimes, their Asking Price is simply too high, while other times ~ their true earnings are very difficult to confirm!  With this thought in mind, our Asset Group regularly identifies Business Listings that have been on market [or off market] for many months [and have not yet sold], and reaches out to Sellers and their Agent/s to consider a more reasonable Valuation / Sales Price.

Registered BIZ Buyers can then review each deal and decide whether or not to move forward with a Formal Offer.

  • Our Asset Group regularly identifies Business Opportunities currently available throughout the State of California that have failed to sell [due to over-priced listings, or other common mistakes] ~ and Recommends [Adjusted] Pricing, Terms and Closing Schedules.
  • BIZ then promotes these Listings “Confidentially” to our Exclusive Buyers ~ and Encourages Serious Consideration at a Lower, Recommended BIZ Price [Adjusted].
  • We then present your Formal Offer to Seller/s [or Seller/s Current Listing Broker] for immediate consideration.

It’s also important to note that most Recommended BIZ Opportunities are Pre-Approved by our Lenders for expedited Escrow Closings, making them outstanding opportunities for Buyers who prefer to avoid unnecessary Transactional delays.

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  • One Of A Kind Goldmine ARCO!
    One Of A Kind Goldmine ARCO!
    Profitable ARCO With Land Sale!
  • WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx Automotive Tire Center Franchises!

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