Confidential Private Sales

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Confidential Private Sales represent the very best Business Opportunities available throughout the State of California ~ and are only available to Buyers Represented Exclusively by BIZ.

Since Confidential Private Sales are NOT Actual BIZ Listings, and truly are “Confidential” ~ they can only be shown to Buyers after reviewing and signing of our Standard BIZ Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Here’s a Basic Summary “WHY” Confidential Private Sales continue to represent the Very Best Business Opportunities available ANYWHERE:


Business Owners are often unsuccessful in selling their business for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few common examples:

  1. The Seller has hired a Sales Agent with little or no experience Selling Businesses.
  2. The Advertised Business Listing Price is Unreasonable and Simply Over-Priced.
  3. The Advertised Business Earnings are Impossible to Confirm.

The net result is a Business Opportunity that fails to find a Qualified Buyer and ultimately never enters Escrow.


  • Our Asset Group regularly scours the Internet for Business Opportunities currently available throughout the State of California that have not sold [due to over-priced listings, or other common mistakes].  We then contact the Listing Agent / Seller and  Recommend Adjusted Pricing, Terms and Closing Schedules that makes more sense in today’s Market.
  • BIZ then promotes these Listings “Confidentially” to Buyers Represented Exclusively by BIZ~ and Encourages Serious Consideration at an Adjusted, Recommended BIZ Price.
  • Exclusive BIZ Buyers are then encouraged to move forward with their Formal Offer to Purchase the Subject Business.

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