Recommended BIZ Opportunities

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Recommended BIZ Opportunities [also referred to as “Confidential Private Sales”] represent the very best Business Opportunities in California available at significant discounts from Original Listing Prices.

Business Owners are often unsuccessful in selling their business because their Asking Price is simply too high!  With this thought in mind, our Asset Group regularly identifies Business Listings that have been on market for many months [and have not yet sold], and reaches out to Sellers and their Agent/s to consider a more reasonable Valuation / Sales Price.

BIZ Clients benefit by picking up Business Opportunities at literally Hundreds of Thousands [Sometimes Millions] of Dollars lower than their Original Asking Price/s:

  • Our Asset Group regularly identifies Business Opportunities currently available throughout the State of California that have failed to sell [due to over-priced listings] ~ and Recommends [Adjusted] Pricing, Terms and Closing Schedules.
  • BIZ then promotes these Listings “Confidentially” to our Registered Buyers ~ and Encourages Serious Consideration at a Lower, Recommended BIZ Price [Adjusted].
  • Interested BIZ Buyers are then encouraged to have BIZ Represent and Write their Formal Offer and immediately present it to to Seller/s for consideration.

It’s also important to note that most Recommended BIZ Opportunities are Pre-Approved by our Lenders for expedited Escrow Closings, making them outstanding opportunities for Buyers who prefer to avoid unnecessary Transactional delays.

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  • WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx | West Coast Tire Center Franchises
    WheelMaxx Automotive Tire Center Franchises!
  • Recently Re-Opened Truck Stop + Real Estate!
    Recently Re-Opened Truck Stop + Real Estate!
    Tuck Stop Business With Land!

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