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Confidential Private Sales represent the very best Business Opportunities available throughout the State of California ~ and are only available to BIZ BuyerPLUS Clients.  Think of Confidential Private Sales as “Below The Waterline” Business Opportunities.  They are the absolute BEST DEALS, because these deals are almost always very profitable and completely unknown to the general public.

Since Confidential Private Sales are NOT Actual BIZ Listings, and truly are “Confidential” ~ they can only be shown to Buyers after subscribing to our BuyerPLUS Program.

BIZ Escrow Assignments Offer Outstanding Opportunities To Avoid Potential Losses By “Assuming” An Escrow Already Underway By BIZ.  When You Assume One Or More Of Our Escrows, All Of The “Heavy Lifting”, Including All Forensic Auditing Including All Buyer Due Diligence, Etc.. Have Already Been Performed By BIZ, Helping To Insure There Are No Surprises When You Buy A Business.

Here’s a Basic Summary “WHY” Confidential Private Sales and BIZ Escrow Assignments continue to represent the Very Best Business Opportunities available ANYWHERE:


PROBLEM 1:  Business Owners are often Unsuccessful in selling their business for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few common examples:

  1. The Seller has hired a Sales Agent with little or no experience Selling Businesses.
  2. The Advertised Business Listing Price Was Unreasonable and Simply Over-Priced.
  3. The Advertised Business Earnings Were Impossible to Confirm.

The net result is a Business Opportunity that fails to find a Qualified Buyer and ultimately never Closes Escrow.

PROBLEM 2:  Successful Business Owners are often FORCED To Sell Extremely Profitable Businesses for a variety of “Personal Reasons”, such as:

  1. Divorce
  2. Federal & State TAX Liens
  3. Partnership Exits
  4. Court-Ordered Bankruptcies
  5. Terminal Illnesses Or Death


  1. Our Asset Group regularly identifies Business Opportunities that did not sell [due to over-priced listings, or other common mistakes].  We then negotiate directly with the Owner and Immediately Enter Escrow.
  2. When Business Owners are FORCED TO SELL, BIZ Grabs The Deal And  Enters Escrow To Immediately Purchase These “Goldmine” [Off Market] Deals.
  3. The BIZ BuyerPLUS Advantage:  BIZ Promotes Confidential Private Sales As Well As Our Active BIZ Escrows to BIZ BuyerPLUS Clients ~  And Provides An Unprecedented Opportunity To Purchase These Outstanding Assets!
    BIZ BuyerPLUS Clients Benefit By Saving Hundreds of Thousands [Often Millions] of Dollars In The Process.

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