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Over the years, you’ve likely worked extremely hard to establish and build your business.  At some point in time, you may need to determine your company’s current market value through a Comprehensive BIZ Pro Valuation.  Whether you are a Certified Public Accountant, Attorney, or Principal just seeking to understand the actual value of an operating business, BIZ Pro Valuation Services provide professional Business Valuations you can count on.  Utilizing Industry-Standard Valuation Methods, we’ll help you to discover exactly what your business is worth in today’s competitive marketplace.

Best of all, if you’re an Owner and are considering selling your business [or a Principal and are considering buying an operating business], we offer this valuable service at a 25% DISCOUNT ~ whenever you hire our firm to Exclusively represent you!

PLEASE NOTE:  All BIZ Pro Valuation Reports Are Professionally Produced By Our Award-Winning Creative Group To Help Ensure Your BIZ Valuation Is Professionally Presented To The World.  

HOW IT’S “FREE”:  100% Of All BIZ Pro Valuation Report Charges Will Be Credited Back To You At The Close Of Your Escrow, Provided You Are A BIZ BuyerPLUS Client!


For Sellers: Standard BIZ Pro Valuation MethodsFor Buyers: Deal Structuring ToolsWhat If ScenariosOther Important Features

When we’re Exclusively Representing you as a Seller, we’re able to help ensure:

  • Our Finance Team Will Produce A Comprehensive Business Valuation for your business utilizing the three most common Business Valuation approaches:  Asset, Income, Market.
  • Capitalized Excess Earnings:  We Utilize classical Treasury Methods to calculate the value of your businesses Goodwill and Total Business Value.
  • Future Value Calculators assist in Calculating the value of any appreciating asset, such as business-owned real estate.  We’ll also help you to account for capital improvements during the holding period.
  • Discounted Cash Flow methods allow us to determine the value of your business based on its earning power and risk.
  • Market Comps assist us in providing accurate Valuations quickly and accurately using comparable business sales across 425 industries. Using this approach, we’re able to easily Calculate your businesses Value Price Range, average and median values, etc.
  • Multiple of Discretionary Earnings method allows us to create a comprehensive Business Valuation based on your actual business earnings.

When we’re Exclusively Representing you as a Buyer, we’re able to help ensure:

  • Deal Check calculations help us create Compelling Business Purchase Offers, Verify the Offer Terms and Construct Effective Counter-Offers.
  • We’ll Help To Ensure that your purchase price is reasonable, and help to confirm that the business cash flow supports your offer.
  • Loan Schedule and Discounted Cash Flow calculations help you to Quickly determine the cash value of any seller-financed deal.
  • Net Present Value calculations allow us to determine if a business investment makes sound financial sense for you to seriously consider.

“What If Scenarios” provide an important gauge for helping us to:

  • Explore any number of valuation scenarios to test our assumptions.
  • Run several what-if business valuation scenarios side by side.
  • Fine-tune our calculations to help ensure accurate results.

Besides everything we’ve discussed, here are a few more important items to consider:

  • BIZ Pro Valuations Assist In Determining the value of Executive Stock Options using powerful “Binomial Models”.
  • We’ll Also Help You To Estimate company stock volatility based on historic returns.
  • BIZ Pro Valuations comply with key financial reporting standards including Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Statement 123 R.

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